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Our Name

PhenomenalMe: "fəˈnämənəl"

This word was derived from the English word phenomenon which derived from the  Greek word  phainomenon

Maya Angelou quote," I am a woman Phenomenally, Phenomenal Woman that's me." Empowered the  owner and CEO Brashonda Georgia to always know that she was phenomenal. She said, "When you put the word me in Phenomenal it makes it personal. Women, Men, and Children will all be able to use this brand."

Our Mission

PhenomenalMe Organics mission is to use organic, natural, and cruelty-free ingredients to promote and help all people love their skin phenomenally. We believe that organic, and cruelty-free ingredients are safer and helpful with people healing and loving their skin. This will make life term goals with your body.
  Our mission is to help, empower, and personalize phenomenal beauty from the inside out.

Our Vision

We want all of our products to be a healing agent for all individuals. Knowing your skin is our top priority. A lot of individuals do not know what type of skin they have. Our products will use organic and cruelty free ingredients to use on all skin types.

The Founder and CEO

Brashonda Green Georgia is the owner and founder of PhenomenalMe Organics. She started this, due to everyone asking her about her skin. Since she was a teenager she has always made her own natural and organic skin care products.

Message from Brashonda Green Georgia

I knew that my image was very important. I never liked concealer and foundation. I love to throw on a simple gloss or lipstick and organic mascara and call it a day. I had to formulate my own routine and products because all of the other products would leave my skin dry and I would have a lot of breakouts. Makeup should be something that women want to wear, not have to. Beard growth and healthy skin for men should always be a must and they shouldn't have to hide their skin with hats, powder, and other items. Children are too young to have to worry about their skin at such a young age. You will love your skin when using our products. Now having healthy and phenomenal skin takes time and consistency.

Brashonda Green Georgia then decided to share her secrets by introducing everyone to her products. She loved the idea of helping others improve their skin. Skin is very important to her. Using organic, natural, and cruelty free products is the way that she wants to help others love their skin.

"Phenomenal Beauty from the Inside Out"

Organic and Cruelty-Free Products

PhenomenalMe Organics